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Remote Reiki Energy Session


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After purchase, we will agree on a time, at which the Reiki Session will be held.

Please wear convenient clothes and lie down in a comfortable position. This may be in your bed, on your couch or even on a yoga mat. The decision is all yours. Just make sure, you are in a quiet space and the temperature is comfortable. Feel free to meditate beforehand or simply calm your mind and open up to receive the Reiki energy sent to you. At the agreed time, I will begin to remotely send the Reiki energy your way for 30  or 60 minutes – depending on what you ordered.

I do not need to know about any physical ailments, since the Reiki energy goes, where it is needed in the body. There is no “too much” and Reiki energy cannot harm you in any way.


Disclaimer: Reiki is not a medical procedure and I am a Reiki practitioner, not a medical professional. Please make sure, to have any illnesses checked by your doctor.


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